Origami Labs began with four HKUST MBAs spending late nights to make smartphones more accessible. Today, we are a team of 18 passionate builders and storytellers from diverse backgrounds who are transforming the way we talk to our device, and to each other.

Press Releases

Origami Labs Secures Investments For Growth Wearable Tech Start-Up Raises US$2.5 Million

Aug 27, 2018
Origami Labs, the creator of the world’s first voice-powered smart ring ORII, announced today that it has secured a total of US$2.5 Million in investments for global market expansion and product development.
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ORII - The World’s First Voice-Powered Smart Ring Launches

Jul 18, 2017
Revolutionizing the wearable technology market is the world’s first voice-powered smart ring called ORII. Launching on Kickstarter July 18, 2017, the ring turns the hand into a smartphone using cutting-edge bone conduction technology to transmit sound. Users can make calls, send messages, or command a voice assistant, such as Siri or Google Assistant, by simply placing their fingertip to their ear. Founded by four Hong Kong-born university friends, the technology start-up is redefining how users interact with their smartphones, marking a notable shift away from a screen-based world.
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