Getting Started

Set up your ORII
Learn how to set up your ORII with your phone
Before you begin:
  • On your phone, go to Settings > Bluetooth and make sure that Bluetooth is on.
  • Make sure that your phone is connected to Wi-Fi or a cellular network.
  • Download "ORII" App in Google Play Store / Apple App Store
Turn on your ORII
  • Press and hold the two buttons until a blue light shines at the bottom of the ring.
  • If lights dont turn on, try charging.
Pair up ORII with your phone
  • ​Find ORII in the other devices/devices list.
  • Allow to pair to BLE as well.
    • ​BLE allows us to send notifications and listen for commands through the ring.
    • The main channel is for VA and to make and receive calls.
  • If you had connected an old device, press the connect to new device button.
  • It will go from finding ORII to connecting to ORII and then to connected.
  • After this time, it will just connect through the app.
Find Your Ring Size
There will be 10 different ring sizes in the package.
  • Try ring sizes one by one
  • Trick is to ensure the casing (actuator) is pressing onto your skin
  • The screws are on the side
  • Make sure that you screw them back
Start using your ORII
Learn about how to use ORII
Voice Assistant
Experience the magic of bone conduction.
  • Put the ring on your index finger.
  • Close your ear hole with your ear flap by using your finger.
  • Make sure you have block all the sounds from the outside.
  • You can try to use the sound file to test the sound quality of ORII.
Voice Assistant
You can single press to wake up your phone's voice assistant.
  • Make sure that you have set up your voice assistant.
  • Ensure the volume isn’t set to 0.
  • Single press the button, the ring should buzz.
  • Wait for the signal from your VA.
  • Sample commands.
You can speak commands like:
  • "Send a message to John."
  • "Set an alarm at 8:00 am."
  • "Call Mum."
More about ORII
Button Configuration
Receiving Call
  • When there is an incoming call, the Led light on ORII will light up.
  • In the meantime, you can receive the call by a single press or you can reject the call by double press.
  • During the call, you can single press to increase the volume or long press to decrease the volume.
Message Readout
  • The ring will notifies you when you have incoming message.
  • You can double press to let ORII readout the message.
  • During the readout, you can adjust the volume in the same way during the call.
Light Indication
  • Pulsing Blue indicates pairing
  • Pulsing Green indicates charging
  • Full Green means fully charged
  • Flashing Red indicates low battery
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