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Placing advanced voice technology in a stylish, durable, water-resistant design, ORII creates a new conversational interface - a true companion for everyday short communications.
Bone conduction technology
ORII uses bone conduction, a technology that has been used in medical-grade devices for decades. ORII uses bone conduction transducers that convert electrical signals into vibrations that travel through bone and directly into the inner ear, bypassing the eardrums. This is why bone conduction, when applied properly, can offer superior audio quality even in noisy environments.

The magic of bone conduction is that you can hear it loud and clear while others around you can’t hear anything. But many bone conduction products suffer from sound leakage, meaning that people nearby can hear what you can hear through your bone conduction device. This is often because they use large actuators at high power output, and there’s always a trade-off between how much power is used to create audio clarity and the amount of sound leakage generated.
ORII’s focus is on delivering crisp and clear human voice audio. By transmitting audio via the finger, we’ve:
  • Shortened the distance the audio needs to travel and increased audio quality.
  • Used a smaller actuator at lower power to minimize sound leakage.

The key to bone conduction audio is in finding the balance between sound clarity and privacy, depending on the environment you are in. ORII has a maximum volume setting that prepares you for some of the loudest environments such as train stations, restaurants, and even bars. In a quieter setting like a meeting room, you can decrease its volume to maximize both clarity and privacy.

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Three benefits

Stay in the moment
Always available on your finger, ORII comes in handy when you need to make that quick call or message. Keep your ears open and enjoy your moments.
Crisp audio
Using bone conduction technology, ORII’s audio gets delivered directly into your inner ear, allowing you to hear clear sound even in loud environments.
True companion
Say hello to new ways for your voice assistant to assist in your day to day life, from setting a new alarm, to finding the nearest restaurant for lunch.

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