Origami Labs Secures Investments For Growth Wearable Tech Start-Up Raises US$2.5 Million
Aug 27, 2018


Origami Labs, the creator of the world’s first voice-powered smart ring ORII, announced today that it has secured a total of US$2.5 Million in investments for global market expansion and product development. This includes all funds raised from its crowdfunding, seed, and Series A round with the help from Alibaba Entrepreneurship Fund, Mills Fabrica Fund, Radiant Ventures, Click Ventures, and Chung Nam Innovations.

Forbes cited ORII’s ability to raise over $250,000 in the crowdfunding campaign as “a fantastic achievement, as less than 0.5% [of hardware start-ups] manage to secure more than this amount.” Thus, a total fundraise of US$2.5 Million and generating over 4000 pre-orders from 3000+ backers in 60+ countries represents a tremendous milestone in ORII’s journey. ORII’s journey began with only a Kickstarter campaign, five full-time employees, and a notebook full of ideas. Now two years later, Origami Labs has grown to be an important player in the wearables sector.

With the tremendous support from investors and backers, Origami Labs has advanced to mass producing ORII rings, increasing attendance at consumer electronics exhibitions, and partnering with telecom outlets for regional market launches such as CSL and Softbank. In addition, ORII was recently awarded the 2018 Computex Gold award and 2018 iF Design Award. This reflects Origami Labs’s genuine desire to establish a worldwide presence and make an influence in the conversational based technology. In the near future, consumers can expect to see all-new command functions and improved product features.

About Origami Labs

Origami Labs makes wearable technology solutions for consumers and businesses that makes it faster, simpler, and less intrusive to use a smartphone.

Based in Hong Kong’s MIT Innovation Node, Origami Labs is a hardware start-up that designs wearable technologies and voice interface software applications for both consumer and business applications. The company was founded in 2015, by four MBA students from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

By tapping into the power of conversational interfaces that combines bone conduction and voice assistant, Origami Labs is creating a whole new category of communication wearables that is completely screen-free without the discomfort of earbuds. Their first product, ORII is the world’s first voice powered ring that turns your hand into a powerful communication hub for private calls, text read-outs, and voice queries.

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