The Evolution of ORII
Mar 11, 2019

Great friends and partners. Late night hacking sessions. And LOTS of coffee. By our powers combined, ORII has come a long way!

A year ago the prototype was a messy tangle of batteries and wires. Step by step, through many tests and iterations, ORii has grown into a sleek, Japanese/Italian -inspired ring that's made of stainless steel. Wow! Be careful who you call ugly in middle school......Special thanks to our rockstar friends at 3Faktur and Andrea Ponti Studios that have helped us come so far.

For the first time, we've compiled the evolution of designs for a trip down memory lane. Check these out! 

We can't wait to launch this and share our ORII love with you. Make sure that you're subscribed for updates on our website ( so you can get the early bird discount on Kickstarter this summer!

To stay updated with more interesting news about ORii and the team's progress, don't forget to check back here regularly! You can also keep updated by following us on our social media: @oriiofficial.

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