The Battle of the Hardware
Jun 06, 2019

This week we got our hands on the next iteration of our working prototypes.  So this week, our hardware team will be spending their days TESTING, TESTING and doing more TESTING.

We won’t bore you with all the testing details, but here are a few things they’ll be looking at: maximizing wearers’ comfort; prolonging usage time; Bluetooth signal strength; mechanical layout (also known as “how do we fit all these goodies into this beautiful casing?”. Designing a good looking smart ring is an ongoing balance between size, functionality, durability, comfort, and appearance.

Luckily enough, we've managed to assemble a team of hardware guys who can only be described as LEGENDARY!

You may be asking: who’s doing this testing? Well we’re glad you asked!  Introducing the ORii hardware team:

Lewis McFayden: the founders met Lewis over two years ago during their MBA, and he’s been a friend of ORii for just as long. With extensive engineering experience, including serving as R&D Engineer at Dyson, we’re delighted to have him on board as our Head of Product and Engineering. Lewis has a brilliant mind and an indestructibly amiable British aura which makes him a jolly good fellow to have around.

Peter P. Lam: a software engineer by training (with first-hand experience of pre-bubble burst Silicon Valley), Peter comes to the team with over 15 years experience running his family’s electronic toy design and manufacturing company.  If you’ve ever bought a Disney toy on batteries, Peter has most likely had a hand in it. With a steady and wise hand, we’re proud to have him on the ORii team as the Head of Manufacturing and Logistics. 

Min A: Our Mongolian mechanical engineer from New York who is on exchange to Hong Kong’s HKUST.  Did we mention that the ORii team is diverse?  As our engineering summer intern, he’s jumped right in and is helping Lewis and Peter on the product and manufacturing side this summer.

These guys (and the rest of the team) can't wait to put an ORII on your finger! 

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