More Gestures Available: ORII GUI Phase 2 Launch!
Aug 16, 2019

Last month, we proudly announced the launch of Gesture User Interface, a new and intuitive way to control your devices with ORII. So far, we’re loving the excitement!

From the in-person conversations at our launch event to the many positive feedback on our community channels, we want to thank each one of you for your kind words and support.

As promised, that was only the beginning! 

We understand the importance of listening to our users and we’re always excited to hear your ideas on how we can further improve ORII. Thanks to our supporters, we got plenty of great ones to work with.

We're excited to announce even more gestures are now live! 

Now you can set custom gestures, expanding more possibilities in controlling your devices with ease. From checking your calendar to controlling your smart lights, more is now available at your fingertip. 



Up double-tap: Trigger voice assistant and Accept calls

Down double-tap: Skip track* and End/Reject calls

Side double-tap: Play and Pause track* 

Flat double-tap: Message readout

Flat triple-tap: Custom command 1**

Reverse double-tap: Custom command 2**


iOS: Torch on/off, time readout, daily readout, additional link option 

Android: Torch on/off, time readout, daily readout, do not disturb mode, screen off, additional link option  

*Available on the default music player 

** Select customized feature from the above list 


Don’t forget to update your ORII app on the App Store/Google Play Store and make sure your firmware on the app is up to date so you can enjoy these new updates immediately! New tutorials for these gestures are also available on the ORII app for your reference.

We hope these gestures help simplify your life even more and make reducing screen time easier. Stay focused on the things and the people that matter to you, with fewer distractions.

Got a good idea for a gesture or function? Or noticed any pressing bugs that we could work on? We'd love to get your feedback. Simply drop us a message at :)

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