The Man Behind ORII
Jun 11, 2019

Father’s day is the time to celebrate the men in our lives for their generosity and kindness. For ORII, Father’s Day is also about the man who inspired us to join the screen-free revolution.


As you guys might have heard before, the idea for ORII all began with our CEO Kevin’s father, Peter. Peter has been visually impaired since he was 13, back when society was not as accessible as it is today. Peter took on the challenge and co-founded Microsoft’s Accessibility Team, creating the world’s first talking computer.

He transformed what most would consider a weakness, and turned it into a strength.

“Watching my Dad overcome these challenges taught me perseverance. But perseverance is more than just mere stubbornness, it’s the ability to take many different approaches to the same problem. Holding fiercely to the goal, while at the same time keeping an open mind to using different methods to achieving that goal.”  - Kevin, CEO of Origami Labs

To an extent, what we are doing here at Origami Labs, is the succession of Peter’s work. Peter has helped make the world more accessible by building screen-alternative interfaces. This motivated us to develop disruptive screen-free technology that further changes the way we interact with our devices and with each other --- especially now in a world consumed by screens.

Peter is not only our technical advisor but also the “Father” behind ORII. Peter shows us the future that the world has never imagined and invited us to continue his journey.

Here at Origami Labs, we’d like to thank Peter for pioneering voice assistive technology, and for making ORII possible. ORII is our first step in creating a screen-free future, and we’ll continue to work on making the world more human.

Do you have a memory or story about how your father inspired you? Or perhaps you'd like to share your learning as a father? Tell us your story for a chance to win a free ORII!


  1. Follow our Instagram @oriiofficial
  2. Share your story with an Instagram post with hashtag #mystorii
  3. Comment your story on any of our 3 Father’s Day Instagram posts.


Entry with the most inspiring story will be selected and the story will be shared the day after Father’s Day, June 17th.

PS: To celebrate Father’s Day, you can now get ORII at a special price. Just use the code "ORIIFATHERSDAY19" for a 10% discount at

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